What is mishnah.blogyomi.com?

This is the sister blog to nakh.blogyomi.com where you can read an explanation of that project, which mostly explains this one as well.

After a year-and-a-half of reading נ”ך all the way through every year, it occurred to me that I should be doing the same with Mishnah.  I picked up the משנה סדורה which is an edition of the Mishnah with almost no commentary, making it very easy to just read the Mishnah.  In this edition, the entire Mishnah can be covered at a pace of two pages per day, with some days left over for “vacation”.

I began this project in May 2010 when I visited Israel and purchased a pocket-size edition of משנה סדורה.

In this blog I plan to share some thoughts on the Mishnah, the תנאים, and Tannaitic literature.

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