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מנפול and פלטר and סיטון

דמאי ה:ד has the words מנפול and פלטר.

מנפול  is from the Greek μονοπωλιον which Jastrow translates as a trading mart enjoying a monopoly. I don’t know anything about monopolies in the Hellenistic world, but it’s probably worth looking into.

פלטר is from the Greek πωλητηρ which Jastrow translates as shop-keeper, especially seller of baker’s ware.

סיטון in דמאי ה:ו is from the Greek σιτωνης which Jastrow says refers to a corn-merchant or a wholesaler in general.

In case it hasn’t become obvious yet, I am interested in Greek words in the Mishnah, and vocabulary in general.